Never a dull moment...

Walking enthusiasts will be able to indulge their passion in the Herselt area, with each trail surpassing the last in beauty!
A perfect example is the network of walking trails de Merode. Today it is a nature reserve open to the public. The region covers thousands of kilometres of walks between the abbey of Tongerlo, Averbode and Blauberg. You walk through bushes, fields, heathland and along meres and each time you discover a different piece of nature. You can map out a route yourself and determine the distance you want to walk.

The surroundings of de Zil are also particularly suited to be explored by bike. Whether you are a long distance cyclist, a fit mountain biker or someone who likes to go for a casual ride: there is something for everyone. You can map out your own itinerary using the network of cycling trails. You can cycle from one junction (‘knooppunt’) to another. From the pure Kempen to the hilly Hageland.
Bikes and scooters can be rented by appointment

De Zil is the perfect place to find yourself again, have a rest or recharge your batteries.
A few wellness centres in the neighbourhood:

Tourism Vlaams Brabant

De Merode

Province of Antwerp

Tourism Limburg

Kempens Landschap

The Campine (De Kempen)

De Verlossing
Brasserie in the centre of Blauberg.

Den Haan
Restaurant in the centre of Herselt

Casa Iberico
Spanish restaurant in the centre of Diest.

Den Hulst
Pub offering more than 400 beers.
(no website available)

Bistro Green
Bistronomie in the greenery of Langdorp.

Afspanning de Netehoeve
Brasserie – Restaurant in Westerlo.

Irish pub Dubh Linn
Cozy pub, Irish atmosphere in a nice mix with our unique Belgian beer culture. Closed Tue-Wed.

Het moment
Experience centre in Averbode.